Friday, April 22, 2011

K I T C H E N   O L D   &   N E W


well it took about 3 months but this kitchen was well worth the wait (and sweat, and tears). we started in early december, continued on through a few blizzards, some delayed deliveries, plus the holidays, but the last piece (ductless AC!) of this crazy puzzle has made this one amazing kitchen!

the renovation of this kitchen also involved a back hallway and bathroom which is right next to it. it made sense to do both the kitchen and bathroom at the same time since alot of their plumbing was tied into each other (hence the perpetutally clogged drains).

caesarstone organic white countertops from Galactic tile brooklyn
oversized subway tile from Cancos nyc
rta custom cabinets from Scherr's :: painted sherwin williams 'repose' gray (uppers) and 'dovetail' gray (lowers)
all faucets are Danze Parma Collection (brushed nickel) from faucet
extra deep kraus kitchen sink from
cork floor tiles from durodesign cork
open shelves made by KF cabinetry brooklyn
bosche stove/microwave, dishwasher
kitchenaid bottom freezer single door fridge
tolix counter stools
titan1 pendant lights from DWR






  1. I am so glad I found your blog. Your kitchen is so inspiring...just bought a 100 year old townhouse in Brooklyn with my husband (we're also both graphic designers. hello, twin!) and while we are dying to put Viola Park cabinets in our kitchen, doing rta from scherrs is looking like a great option. Did you have a good experience with them?

  2. hi laura-
    so glad your diggin it!
    we've had an amazing experience with them. they are THE nicest people
    to deal with and everything is fully custom. i'm proud to say those
    gorgeous cabinets only cost us about 7000! we just had to put them
    together but it was so easy.
    they do great detailed shop drawings that they redid like 10 times with complete kindness and patience
    i have lots of other trades i can recommend as well (contractor, architect)
    if you're looking for them as well.
    feel free to stop by sometime (email me!) if you want to see it..i'm open to
    sharing all the great guys and info i've painstakingly discovered ;-)

  3. Hi Jackie-
    Sorry for the late reply to this. I can't believe those cabs were only 7K! They look amazing.
    I would love to know about the trades you used. We have so much work to do on the house, starting with a complete rewire.
    I can't find your email address here, but if you'd like you can contact me at laura (at) mooseherdcreative (dot) com

  4. Jackie, we're moving into our new apartment + roof garden right now. I was so sad to leave the kitchen I re-did in my old place, but you're inspiring me to shoot for something like this. The new kitchen is tiny so I'll need it to be an efficient beautiful work horse. I didn't think we could afford custom cabinets and inthiught Scherr's look was more traditional. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I'm thinking of using similar tiles for my backsplash. Are yours matte white/5x13? Do you have a metal finishing edge on the side that ends at a corner?

  6. Hi Lauren-
    I think our tiles were around 8 inches by 13-ish.
    We bought them from Cancos (if you're in NYC). They're gorgeous and almost a satin-y matte.
    We do have a finishing edge that's brushed stainless steel.

  7. Hi Jackie,
    I love your kitchen and bathroom reno, so modern and clean lines. I got the link from in the tiling forum. Please could you share with me your architect and contractor. My email is
    Thank you!

  8. I was wondering if your tiler guy, Mentor Frangu (?) also can do the casing around the windows and door? Do you by any chance know? Thanks.

  9. I would appreciate your advise on Mentor Frangu, who you advised for tiling. Would you think he could do more than tiling? We need to replace the casing around our windows. The windows themselves are great reproduction mahogany and we need to put in place and stain casings to match. Thanks!

    1. well his specialty is kitchens and bathrooms but I'm sure he could do anything. maybe you need a carpenter?

  10. Hi Jackie,

    I just discovered your blog in my search for kitchen ideas. Your kitchen is amazing! MUCH better than what you had listed as your inspiration! I know it's been a while since you completed that project and posted on it. I was hoping for some more details on your project, and specifically:

    --What exactly is the material of your backsplash tiles? They look wonderful. I was set on glass, but since I saw yours I'm having second thoughts. Are they still available and if yes, any chance you could share a link?

    --Are you still happy with the quartz countertops? There are some scary complaints online about chipping, etc.

    --Are you happy with the Bosch microwave? what about the oven?

    Thanks in advance :)

  11. i'm not quite sure about the backsplash tile but we got it at Cancos in's basically an oversized subway til...way oversized!

    i love the ceasarstone countertops...except for the edges. i think we got too sharp an edge and the few times i've bumped a plate or a knife on it it chipped slightly...which i'm bummed about. Now i'm even more careful than i already was!otherwise it's amazing! the surface is gorgeous and never stains...even after leaving something like a wine spill on it for days.

    and the bosch oven oven and micro are really great. totally happy with them.

  12. Anonymous said...
    Thanks so much, I really appreciate your feedback! And I LOOOOVE your kitchen :)


  13. One more question Jackie: was your caesarstone edge "square" or "radius"? Thanks!

  14. the edge isn't square...maybe it's radius? Its just a slightly rounded edge...not sharp...but it's chipping which i'm pretty upset about :-(